Love Always Wins: Hope for Healing the Epidemic of Violence

Most of us are helplessly entangled in one form of violence or another, as witness, victim, or perpetrator in a cultural disease of addiction to control. It could be systemic, inter-personal or internal violence, spiritual, mental, emotional, or physical violence. 

The human species is spread out around the emotional bottom of our current crisis as we approach the end of a long era of addiction to violence and domination. Letting go of old self-serving fears, defenses and rigid beliefs, letting go of narcissism, is the personal and global path to a world of security, collaboration and harmony. 

When I let go of my own inner limitations, all my relationships win, everybody wins, including my so-called “enemies.” This creates an opening for new information and perceptions that facilitate a rapid transition to a more effective lifestyle. Recovery from fear, distrust and out-of-control extremes of abusive human behavior, including rage at the micro level and national acts of war at the macro level are part of normal, predictable learning patterns that can lead to stability and security, but only when there is new information, hope and mutual support available. 

We all have this ability to respond to crisis, to adapt, to grow, and it is in this ability that we find our most human qualities. A whole new range of options open up for us, and we can flow into solutions that were otherwise impossible. When we move out of the despair within ourselves, we end the cycle of addictive behaviors. When I change my inner world, my external behavior shifts to match, and I become a creative source of systemic change.

Author, David Hazen, explains how he came to write his book, shows illustrations from the book, and reads a short excerpt.

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