About David Hazen

Occasionally I get to preach to the choir, and these two videos (click on the image) are from two peacebuilder award ceremonies in 2011.

Community organizer, Peace builder, Systems thinker
Cook, Gardener, Space Cadet, Student,
Builder of canoes, kayaks & an all-electric cycle-car!
Photo/Videographer, Sign maker, Author, Counselor

Imagineer,  Eugene City of Peace
Advisor, International Cities of Peace
Peacemaker of the Year 2011, Nobel Peace Laureate Project
PeaceBuilder Award 2011, Community Mediation Services
Certified Oregon Change Agent by governor John Kitzhaber
Notable Alumnus of Achievement, University of Minnesota
M.A., Systematic Design-planning, Ohio State University 1969
Author, "The Stripper's Guide to Canoebuilding" 1974

David’s childhood began in 1943. It was affected by physical and emotional abuse and the terror of potential nuclear war. In the late 1960’s he marched on the Pentagon and filed for conscientious objector status. In 2004 David campaigned for Dennis Kucinich’s bid for the Presidency, became the Oregon Coordinator of the campaign for a US Department of Peace and later served on the board of The Peace Alliance. He now devotes his time to advocating for Eugene citizens to identify themselves as a City of Peace, and has founded the Emerald Compassionate Action Network.

David built over 60 canoes and kayaks for customers in the 1970's. After he retired in 2006, David built his "boat-car," the XP-HUMM-E