Alan Zundel: "Part frank memoir, part testimony to the ever-present potential for healing, and part visionary call to non-arms for a better future, it is altogether inspiring." Read more...

Charles Busch, Director, Fields of Peace:
"Love Always Wins is a true guide to making peace---in ourselves and in the world.  David Hazen grounds his message in the deepest, most authentic place of all---the struggle to peace in his own life.  Overcoming an inherited pattern of violence and the addictions which followed, he offers the reader the step-by-step practice for becoming peaceful which worked for him, and countless others.  His voice is clear, eloquent, insightful, humble, and inspiring.  I keep this book close by.  I want more of what he has."

Melanie Oomen, Associate Pastor, First Congregational Church, Eugene, Oregon:
“I want you to know how grateful I am that you are in this world -- that you have developed the gifts of courage, empathy, compassion and embodying hope. I know the struggle to be where you are has been long and difficult, and all the more, the struggle has made you authentic, humble and strong. What you offered of your story, of yourself ... came up in conversation in a meeting I was part of and I wanted you to know the depth and beauty of the conversation that followed. Here are a few of the things I heard: 
‘The courage David showed in being ‘real’ gives me courage and permission to be more real with others....’
‘I resonated with David’s story, identified with so much he said. His is a story of profound transformation and I needed to hear it.’
‘David was so confident and clear. I was so moved that he trusted us enough to share his powerful story.’
‘His words will stay with me for a long time.’
"I wanted you to know what I heard. It is so good to have you among us, David. What a blessing you are to this world and what a lesson for all to learn from, that there is hope for us to move from violence to a true and lasting peace -- that hope is alive and walking around in you, David.” 
 Carroll English, personal friend:             
"David, due to your very clear and logical writing and to your forthright description of the stages of your recovery, I found your book riveting due to the depth of your thinking.   I particularly appreciated your comparison of the micro  (your addiction and recovery)  with the macro ( Laszlo's Evolutionary Model of Transformation) and your extrapolation of that model to an Evolution of a Culture of Violence to a Culture of Peace. Best of all - because it is so practical - is your "prescription" for transformation of our violent culture related to collaborating while listening to each other with the heart."

Ruth Simon, personal friend:  
"You have opened your heart and your life to help us all learn how to heal personally and as a nation(s).  You have much to teach us all from your experience and your "analysis" of replacing violence with love through our behavior changes; I want to carry it with me as I live my life.  I am so very grateful." -- 

Sister Kiran, Brahma Kumaris Oregon:
"Yours is a wonderful story of resilience, redemption and re-creation. You’ve also provided a masterful rendering of how your personal transformation informs your life’s mission of fostering a culture of non-violence and peace. The book offers not only hope and a valuable guide to others recovering from the downward spiral of violence and addiction, but also provides hopeful insights, affirmations and practical tips to those engaged in the peace movement. What a gift you are to the Eugene community and to the world!"