Table of Contents

Love Always Wins:  Hope for Healing the Epidemic of Violence


Introduction to letting go 

  • Breaking the silence 
  • I am not who I thought I was 
  • Love is letting go 
  • Letting Old Vanity Evaporate 
  • Seeking stability 
  • Learning to grieve 

Addiction is a disease 

Steps to peace 

Step 1: Admit the problem 

  • My trip to hell 
  • Our culture of violence 

Step 2: Trust the process 

Step 3: Give up the struggle 

Steps 4 - 6: Start with yourself 

  • Internalize new self-respect 
  • Detach from blame 
  • Relax 

Steps 7 - 9: Repair the damage 

Steps 10 - 12: Find your response-ability 

  • Catching a glimpse of wildness 
  • We are all response-able 
  • Gestation & birth of a City of Peace 

Essays of encouragement 

  • Victim, rebel, or co-creator? 
    • International security is patriotic 
    • Cynics create prisons 
    • Rebels seek magic 
    • What is sane leadership?
    • Vision drives action
  • A Bridge to Peace
  • The culture of recovery 
    • Old solutions won’t fix multiple crises 
    • The times they are a-changin’ 
    • We are the system 
    • Optimists have more fun
  • Cliff notes for self-activation