The Work of Love

The Work of Love: re-discovery of connection and belonging

is a journaling workbook designed to release your

 Peace to the 5th power: 

 Patient, Passionate, Powerful, Personal and Practical Peace. 

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This is a workbook for going under, going down, to understand, to literally “stand under” ourselves first, and then others. It’s about digging deep into our shadows, which is work, real work, really difficult work, and best done with a team because there is a frightening darkness inside this work, darkness which needs to be brought into the light. Without that light of love, we and the world shall not know peace.

Together, we can let go of the vain and obsolete self-serving fears, hyper-vigilance, and rigid beliefs about other people; we can let go of narcissism, let go of self-centered isolation, competition, opinions and judgments.

I strongly suggest that you initiate a small writing group, individually writing your answers to the 12 Challenges, followed by self-disclosure in a regular meeting of a discussion group of trusted friends. The purpose of the group is mutual support, to keep each other encouraged and accountable. However, if you aren’t ready for group work, the 1:1 coaching of a qualified professional therapist might prepare you for it.

I believe our culture fosters an addiction to control, domination, and violence. In this addiction we defend our sense of security by dependence on various forms of violence in thought, word and deed that only increase in intensity over time because they provide only short-term solutions and no long-term resolution. Because we have been deeply culturally conditioned to think in violent ways and to be complicit with others who are violent, we make mistakes, sometimes very harmful, violent mistakes.

The hard work of love requires us to generate the willingness to be honest with ourselves about what we are doing to ourselves, to be patient with both ourselves and others, and above all else to seek connection when there appears to be none. In this book I present practical, tangible, do-able and easily understood practices for creating connection and a sense of belonging. The 12 Challenges of Personal and Global Peace are a program of personal empowerment. Group support, safe space to share grief and stories, mentors, and daily self-examination over a long period of time are the many tools we need for experiences of freedom, joy, and empowerment.

Today I believe it may be possible for ordinary people to realize that they, with others, have within themselves the ability to build a culture of peace, and in fact see that that is the only way that it will be built, from the inside out. My purpose is to assist whoever is willing to move from despair to hope.

We can do this!

Click this link for a free, downloadable PDF journaling workbook

Click this link for a free, downloadable PDF journaling workbook

David Hazen is the author of "Love Always Wins: Hope for Healing the Epidemic of Violence,” his story of 25 years of active healing from the conflicts of an adverse childhood and 24 years of addiction to drugs and alcohol. He learned whole-system design-planning from an associate of Buckminster Fuller, is the recipient of two PeaceBuilder Awards, and is working to build a City of Peace in Eugene, Oregon.

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